Com Tec Co (CTC) IT services delivery center in Latvia


2% Management
5% Technical support
7% Administration
86% Development staff


/ What projects you can offer?

Our main specialization is insurance, re-insurance, consulting and finances. Although we also have had projects in such industries like healthcare, banking, hi-tech, manufacturing, travel and logistics.

/ What hardware do you use?

The hardware can vary from project to project (this also can depend on client’s requirements). Currently the most widely used hardware is Lenovo laptops with Windows and two external monitors.

/ How many interview stages there are to get to the offer?

Candidate selection process is based on an in-depth tech skills assessment with multi-level interview process which consists of three main stages: (meeting with HR, technical meeting with Subject Matter Expert and meeting with project team representative (-s)). As per our standard procedure, you can expect to receive the response within 5 working days (in most cases even faster).

/ Do you offer remote work opportunities?

Yes, it is possible to work remotely from almost all EU countries.

/ What are the professional growth opportunities?

Our employees have wide range of opportunities for professional development such as: attending trainings, certifications, local and abroad conferences. Moreover, we have great library within the company and our employees can order any IT-related book they want.

/ What learning opportunities do you offer?

Learning is an everyday process at C.T.Co and is embedded into the company’s core philosophy. You can find more information about various learning opportunities in the company here.

/ Do you have strict dress-code?

Our company has no strict rules regarding clothing style. Mainly in the office people are dressed according to the casual dress style.

/ What additional bonuses do you have?

We have advanced medical/healthcare insurance, regular doctor’s visits to the office (check-ups, prescriptions, consulting), gym in the office, regular teambuilding events, participation fee sponsorship of active outdoor events and many more.

/ Does your company cover mobile phone expenses?

Yes. Company provides a new mobile phone number (or you can register your existing number to a company) and the compensation quota depends on the employee’s position/role/functions.